Frequently asked questions

ASP.Net Requirements

ASP.NET Core 3.0 or higher Required for customized projects
Winodws Hosting with (.NET Version core 3.0 or higher)
interior Design script requires MVC 4 installed
Microsoft MS SQL Database
Folder Write,delete Permission
AJax/Jquery support

IOS Apps Requirements

Apple Device
Apple Developer Account to upload your script to app store
Xcode for editing swift codes

Android Apps Requirements

Android Device
Android Developer Account to upload your script to Play store
Android Studio for editing swift codes

You can simply ask your hosting provider for the above listed requirements

I have the experience of over 20 years of programming,doing more than 20 projects and providing more than 50 sites with my scripts.
Over the past 10 years I have been working on .NET Technology
You can search google for my website and also see my product online Demos
I take into consideration every single aspect of programming including performance,security and stability in our scripts

The products have been protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties in UNITED STATES and worldwide

Regarding the Look and design of website,If you are familiar with css stylesheet and html you can easily change the Look of your site by modifying just 2 or 3 pages and stylesheet if you want me to do it for you i just can do minor changes for you
If you want to add extra features to your script,you have to pay for it and the cost of adding extra modules is high!
You can wait for the next version to come and it may have what you need

We plan to add more Modules.If you have purchased the software you will be notified when new updates are available

All payments are currently processed through PAYPAL

When a customer places an order for this product via Paypal, the product will be delivered electronically in zip format attached to the Email Address sent to customer
The email will be sent to the email address that was provided by the customer in the order form.
Customers are responsible for providing a correct, accessible and active email account to which the email confirmation will be sent. is not responsible for non-delivery of the email due to incorrect email addresses, or inactive or inaccessible email accounts.

Please note that refund is NOT available on the downloadable software
so Please before purchasing the product review the Live Demo on the site and see the system requirements as well

In order to do that you have to provide me with your site login and MS SQL server information
Note:In case your website does not meet all the requirements of this product is not responsible for that is not responsible for script/app malfunction due to code modifications

The script is offered in two formats:source code version and Compiled version

For example social networking script is currently available in US english and German
You can easily change the Language if you want by modifying some central pages or you can wait until i release the new Language files

I currently do not provide hosting but i can offer you good hosting DISCOUNTASP.NET